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Hiking the dunes of Zeeland, the Zeepeduinen


In cooperation with 'Natuurmonumenten' there are spring and autumn hikes organized true the dunes of Zeeland, the Zeepeduinen. The walks will start and finish at Bed and Breakfst 'Even Buiten' with something tasty. During this hike through the pristine Zeepeduinen we enjoy the varied dune landscape.

Wideness of the Zeepeduinen
We hike on dirt paths through the vast Zeepeduinen, in the distance the lighthouse as a safe beacon of Nieuw-Haamstede. The landscape is stunning with Dune Grasslands, moist valleys and high peaks.

A whole morning to enjoy
We start at the B&B 'Even Buiten' with coffee/tea. Hence, we are within a minute in the Zeepeduinen (our backyard). There we stroll through the dunes, where the guide will tell a lot about the landscap and its inhabitants. After the hiking tour of the dunes we also close off again at the B&B with a glass of wine or beer and delicious sandwiches and soup.

Natuurmonumenten organiseerd voor- en najaarswandelingen door de ongerepte Zeepeduinen vanuit pension B&B 'Even-Buiten'

Tips from the Ranger during this hike

  • Take your binoculars with you
  • Put on sturdy hiking boots
  • Put on arm clothes
  • The hike is suitable for children older than 6 years
  • The hike takes about 2 hours
  • You can park for free: at Boeijesbosch 2 til 44, 4328 LP Burgh-Haamstede (in the roadside)

Kijk ook op de website van Natuurmonumenten.  external link

Bed and Breakfast 'Even Buiten' has renovated rooms


The renovation is done! We worked very hard to give our rooms a new look and we succeeded! The five rooms look good, so the B&B is set for the upcoming season.

Curious about how the rooms have become? View the photo's in Rooms and Prices, contact us or simply admire them in real life!

Comfort room 6   B&B Burgh-Haamstede Room 4   B&B Burgh-Haamstede
Room 1  Bed and Breakfast  Burgh-Haamstede Comfort sitting room 6 Bed and Breakfast  Burgh-Haamstede

Pavers in Zierikzee


Walk true Zierikzee

The four hundred small medallions (cd size) in the street will guide the tourist all the way to a monument or other point of interest. All this in addition to new floor plan cabinets on the parking lots.

Walking routes Zierikzee

About twenty stone medallions in the pavement will point the visitor to true the monuments town Zierikzee. The large tiles of 1 meter by 1 meter, or in a rounded version of 80 centimetres diameter, forms the last part of the new road sigs in Zierikzee. They show the direction of the Centre and the parking.

Bed and Breakfast 'Even Buiten'

Zandstraat 9
Burgh-Haamstede, NL
T +31 (0)111 653 614

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