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Things to do in Burgh Haamstede & Schouwen-Duiveland

Hiking and cycling routes Oosterschelde, Oosterscheldekering en Neeltje Jans

Neeltje Jans - Deltawerken
Visiting Deltawerken Zeeland? Neeltje Jans was as a workisland part of the oosterscheldekering. After completing the Delta works there on Neeltje Jans (or oosterschelde dam) an information and amusement park opened. In the information centre is an exhibit about the Delta works with (Visual) information..

Neeltje Jans is about 285 hectares and is located half-way between the oosterscheldekering between Schouwen and Noord-Beveland, but belongs nevertheless to the municipality of Veere on Walcheren. The name has been obtained by a boat stranded on the bar which also bore that name, it's an old folk name for the Patron Goddess Nehalennia.

The Waterpavilion  external link

Flood museum
In the big flood museum in Ouwerkerk you can see and hear the flood disaster of 1953 and the struggle against the water.

In order to close the holes dikes they, among other things, used a number of Phoenix caissons. Large concrete caissons (62 x 20 x 18 meter) with which the largest gaps were closed.

In the last four caissons at Ouwerkerk is a monument of the struggle against the water. In these caissons, connected with underground corridors, is the Flood museum located, Floodmuseum Schouwen-Duiveland

The Floodmuseum  external link

Delta route: experience the Delta
Rijkswaterstaat and the ANWB invite you for a fun and interesting day out: the 13 Delta works. Grab the car, get on your bike, take a walk and visit one of the numerous outings or events.

The North Sea flood of 1953 put large parts of Zeeland, North Brabant and South Holland under water and took the life of 1,836 people. To prevent recurrence of such a disaster the Department of public works started in 1954 with the construction of the defensive system against high water from the sea: the biggest Dutch defence system against the high water, the Delta works. A bold technical and innovative Enterprise. Engineer Johan van Veen was responsible for the Delta plan for the first 6 Delta works. Later this was expanded and in 1997 the last construction work of the 13 dams and flood barriers in total where in place.

Experience the Delta Route  external link

Nature in!
Discovering Zeeland at your own pace is of course the best. Fortunately, the beautiful landscape of Zeeland is very suited to hike, cycle or drive true.

Hiking through the dunes (Zeepeduinen) or along the beaches, beautiful cycle routes in Zeeland (along dikes and flood defences). The route possibilities are endless in Zeeland

Bed and Breakfast 'Even Buiten'

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